Coconut Activated Carbon 椰壳活性炭
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Coconut Shell Activated Carbon 椰壳活性炭
  • Coconut shell based activated carbon is a kind of water treatment filter material with high-quality coconut shell as raw material and refined by a series of production processes. Its appearance is black and granular. It has the advantages of good abrasion resistance,  high adsorption performance, high hardness, exceptional chemical and physical characteristics,easy be regenerated. It is a totally environmental raw material. 

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Applications:
  • Coconut shell activated carbon is mainly used for the purification, decolorization, dechlorination, and deodorization of drinking water, purified water, wine making, beverages, and industrial sewage; it can also be used for desulfurization in the oil refining industry. The modified coconut shell activated carbon is especially effective in removing harmful substances and odors such as benzene (diphenyl, triphenyl), formaldehyde, phenol, radon, ammonia, TVOC, etc. in the air. The adsorption efficiency and adsorption of coconut shell activated carbon are much better than other types of activated carbon, and it is safe, pollution-free, and without any side effects.


  • Portable water purification
  • Wastewater purification
  • Air purification
  • Gold absorption from gold solution ( precious metal recovery)
  • Medical use



  • Moisture: < 12%
  • Ash: < 3%
  • Iodine: 800-1200 mg/g
  • PH: 10


  • Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) - Mesh Size - 6x8, 8x10, 8x30, 10x20, 20x50, 60x180, 200
  • Powdered Activated Carbon
  • Extruded Carbon

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